About Us

Automecha is a small manufacturing company located in central New York. For the most part, we manufacture paper handling equipment that is used by printers, mailers and financial institutions. Our equipment is marketed under a number of brands, chief among them - ACCUFAST. We've been at our current factory since the early '70's. We've added two facilities, but the main factory is still where it was back then.

Our work is characterized by three principles:

  1. Integration. We start with raw stock and end up with finished machines. All under one roof.
  2. Low Volume productivity. We make out living on short runs. Annual volume in the hundreds to low thousands suits us fine.
  3. Machinery. Almost all of what we make moves paper. We know what it takes to use motors, drive components, sensors, and control electronics. Typically, these machines are table top, but some are larger stand along units.
Our processes are designed to deliver the highest possible quality for any given design and to constantly improve where that quality isn't being met. Our major productivity tools are 3D Cad and ERP Control. Browse the gallery and take a virtual tour. If you think that we might be able to help, Contact us.