Welcome to Automecha.com

We created this site for companies who need a manufacturing partner. Often when a firm goes through a business cycle adjustment a "make or buy" decision is made. Usually volume has slipped to the point where it is no longer feasible to manufacture, but the volumes are too low to support off shore contracts. The product still has a market, and can be profitable, but not as your company is currently structured. Call us. We can handle the manufacturing.

We strongly believe in keeping jobs in America and will work with companies whose products fit our abilities to do the manufacturing at the lowest possible cost -as long as we both make money.

As you continue your visit, you'll increasingly understand that we are a manufacturer, not just an assembly or fabrication house. We thrive on small volumes and have decades of experience with the creation of products and the parts that go into them. Enjoy your visit to our site and when you leave, do so with the certainty that "Made in America" still has meaning.

Ken St.John